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Lodge Meetings

Diversity, Unity & Mateship

Masons usually gather once a month for a daytime or evening meeting lasting two to three hours.
Lachlan Macquarie Lodge meets at 5.30pm on the fourth Wednesday of the month from February to December. Like any organisation there is a business element, with minutes, accounts, and plans for upcoming events to be read and discussed among the members.

A Lodge meeting is also ceremonial, involving a series of formalised and symbolic presentations which use drama to highlight the codes of conduct by which a Freemason strives to live.
During a Lodge meeting, instruction is also provided to assist in a Mason’s daily life and personal development. This may be on a range of topics, including public speaking, communication skills, leadership skills, or business management.

The final part of the meeting involves all Lodge members dining together. With Masons coming from all age groups and from all walks of life, the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a meal with each other provides the perfect chance to “catch up”, and yet another forum for an exchange of ideas.

Apart from these meetings, most Lodges organise regular social activities for the entire family. Theatre, parties, sports days, picnics – the holding of these types of events helps develop closer bonds, not just between Masons, but among their families as well.

Masonic Charities

Helping those in need

There are a number of Masonic charities actively involved in the care of young people, orphans, the sick, the aged, and those affected by natural disaster.
MasoniCare is one of the official Masonic charities in NSW and ACT. Through a range of different services MasoniCare is able to make a difference in the community whilst spreading the good name of Freemasonry.

Masonicare’s services include Institutional Grants, Regional Grants, Youth Support, Benevolence and Disaster Relief. Visit the MasoniCare website www.masonicare.org.au to find out more.
The NSW Masonic Youth Welfare Fund helps needy youth at secondary and tertiary education levels.

The NSW Freemasons’ Orphans Society assists orphans from infancy, until they’re able to care for themselves.
The Whiddon Group is one of the largest non-sectarian providers of aged care in Australasia.

There are currently 16 facilities across the state, catering for more than 1500 people aged over 65 years. These homes are autonomous.
The Royal Freemasons Benevolent Institution (RFBI) has been in existence since 1882, and has been developing retirement villages for aged care since 1960. There are now more than 1400 residents in 18 centres across New South Wales.


Lachlan Macquarie Lodge Port Macquarie

Welcome to the Lachlan Macquarie Masonic Lodge – pride of the North Coast.


This is indeed a Lodge where no one is alone and brethren join freely in celebrating their membership of the world’s oldest and greatest men’s fraternal society.

Lachlan Macquarie Lodge was formed to cater for a younger group of businessmen in our town.

Our Lodge took the name of the masonic brother who named our district. He was perhaps the best known of the early Governors of the New South Wales colony under his command from 1809 to 1821.

The many stately stone edifices built at Macquarie’s direction make him a logical symbol of an organisation which symbolically follows the early stonemason’s trade.


Lachlan Macquarie Lodge Logo

Lachlan Macquarie Lodge

Our History

Lachlan Macquarie is a young and vigorous Lodge, growing rapidly and shaping into one which balances the firmly founded traditions of Freemasonry with the delights of a full social program. Freemasonry is built around a philosophy of life which provides an enjoyable and beneficial exercise of the mind for thinking men, the respect of family values and sharing in each other’s company.

Our members are largely forward thinking younger businessmen, keen to go to Lodge after work; enjoy some refreshment and a chat; participate in a sincere and serious meeting; and later join the ladies for a convivial meal at a local restaurant.

We are keen to meet men who are well thought of by their fellows and who want to seek a friendship with like-minded men who enjoy their family life as well as the company of men in the lodge.

We want to meet you, we want to share with you the facets of our philosophy which make it an organisation which guides good men to becoming better husbands, fathers, brothers and members of the community. No one is ever pressured to join our ranks. That is foreign to our philosophy, but we will tell you about us and leave the decision to join to you.

Some ask if Freemasonry is a religion. While we do not hold ourselves as a religion as such, professing a dogma and salvation, much of our ritual is built around the Old Testament. The Bible, is open at all times during a Lodge meeting.

A typical Lodge meeting of course has a business part of minutes, reports and other administration. Its main phase uses the tools and symbols of the masons of old to bring to each candidate a dramatized presentation as part of a philosophy of life. It is formal, it is dignified, truthful and straightforward.

Some ask if Freemasonry is a Secret Society. This is not so. Our philosophy and our symbols have developed from the operative stonemasons who built the grand cathedrals of Europe many hundreds of years ago and as they maintained some form of secrecy as proof of their trade qualifications, so do we maintain some secrets as a means of ensuring the probity of those whom we elect to enter our society.